Online Schools that Offer Laptops for Enrolled Students

Most schools have embraced modern technology. Students are now encouraged to have their own computers to access the internet and do their own research work. Having a laptop has become a necessity in college unlike before where it was seen as an option.

College administrators advise students who enroll in online degree courses to at least own a computer. Some online colleges are aware that not every student can afford it hence they make an effort to provide the laptops themselves.

Modern technology a necessity in college

Some schools have made electronic gadgets like a laptop or even a tablet a must-have thing. For instance, The Stanford University does not enroll students in certain degree programs if they do not have a laptop or a tablet to use to take their notes. Those who cannot afford to purchase a laptop opt for the tablet since it is cheaper.

A laptop or a tablet enables a student to do research work, take notes and even record the lecturers as they teach.

6 Online Schools that provide laptops and iPads

Some accredited institutions of higher learning provide free laptops and tablets for their students. Some sell the same to them at fairly discounted prices.

Long Island University

This is a private university that offers an iPad to every incoming freshman free of charge. This offer also applies to new undergraduate students who are on a full-time program. It is located in New York, Brookville.


Duke University

The Duke University is a health institute that offers free iPads to their students to assist them in doing their field research. They are availed to all their students worldwide; even those in countries like Vietnam. Their main aim is to allow students in countries with fewer resources to collect as much data as possible.


Full Sail University

This university provides its students with an Apple laptop that has been installed with all the necessary programs required for the various courses that they are taking. Its online program is fully accredited. The computer is provided at a discounted price.


Stanford University

Stanford University provides an iPad to all the students who are enrolled in the school of Medicine. This allows them to access the internet and acquire important information to help them in their studies. Medicine has been noted as one of the most rapidly digitized fields in higher education.


University of Maryland

The University of Maryland provides an iPad to their students at no cost at all. Its main goal is to merge their coursework to modern technology. In this institution, students are also taught how to develop apps for the device.


Chatham University

It provides all freshmen with a MacBook Air. They also ensure the laptop against theft and damage for a period of four years. The fee that is charged for this technology is $375 for every semester and the laptop is fully owned by the student once they have graduated.

Choosing the best computer for College education

Online schools that offer laptops to their students should at least ensure that they have the basic components in a computer. This is to make sure that the students enjoy maximum benefits from the device.


The laptops should have enough memory to enable it to load more programs. The more RAM (Random Access Memory) a laptop has, the higher its ability to open many programs simultaneously. Most laptops have 4GB of RAM memory and less might not be as good.

Hard Drive

Laptops need this drive because it provides the space required to store files. The hard disk memory can always be upgraded when need be. Most computers have it ranging from 80 to 500 gigabytes.

Processor Speed

The processor is compared to the brain in a human being. A Core i3 is often recommended since it is ideally fast. Celeron processors are a bit slower but they are more energy efficient. The same case applies to the Intel Pentium.

Machine Weight

One of the most important features for a laptop that is meant for an online student should be portability. It should be relatively light to allow the individual to move around with it. This will enable them to collect more data and enhance their field research.

Battery life

The battery life of the laptop should be long. This is because the student may intend to use it in places where there is no power connection. This might require the student to incur extra costs in the case where they need to extend it for their own convenience.

Screen Size and Screen Resolution

The size of the laptop determines the size of the screen. It can range from 8-17 inches. Simple tasks like browsing and reading mails may require a screen as small as 8 or 9 inches.

Working on documents or movies may require a minimum of 11 inches. The online students should pick the laptop screen that suits them best.

The screen resolution will determine the amount of information that can be displayed on the screen. The minimum screen resolution for a student’s computer should be 1024*768.

Other components include; the track pad, keyboard, camera, ports and screen backlight.

Why do online colleges provide students with free laptops?

Most online schools that offer laptops to their students want to provide them with the best studying environment to help them achieve their goals. They also aim at increasing the number of the students that they enroll in various programs yearly.

It also enables online students to access as much information as possible leading to their success. Their success will definitely reflect the success of the institution.

Maintenance of the laptop

When online schools offer free laptops to their students, they require them to take good care of them. This means that they will incur the expenses if need be. However, some schools like Wake Forest as well as Villanova upgrade the laptops for those students who have successfully completed the sophomore year.

A variety of online schools offer laptops to their students to produce their dream academic results. Again, they also want to keep up with the modern technology that has been embraced in all academic fields.


Further Information on Colleges That Offer Laptops

As a boon for students, more online colleges offer free laptops while enrolled at their respective schools. This trend started as far back as 1993, and has since become overwhelmingly popular, especially for online students. Obviously, having access to the latest technology and the ability to connect to the school network, students are much more mobile than ever before. Thankfully, many schools realize the needs of today’s mobile and technology-oriented student body and provide laptops as a means to accommodate them. In addition, as the laptops are typically maintained by the schools themselves, the risk of computer problems hampering progress is kept to a minimum, and updates to the software programs are typically provided at no charge to the student.

In the list below of online colleges that offer laptops, note that some online colleges allow students to keep the laptop after graduation, and others ask that it be returned. The reason for returning the laptop is to keep the overall cost of tuition to a minimum and to alleviate student’s worries about the laptop becoming out-of-date by the end of their program at the college.

Also note that each college offers slightly different laptop programs but for the most part, the colleges include the cost of the laptop and maintenance in their tuition or technology fees. Some of the colleges allow students to provide their own laptop, as long as specifications meet the minimum requirements set by the respective school.

Chatham University – All first-year students receive a brand new laptop that they keep after graduation. Chatham’s curriculum includes coursework that integrates the use and capability of the laptop. The laptop provided is a Toshiba Satellite C55 with wireless capability and comes preloaded with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2013. Chatham’s entire campus is wireless accessible due to wireless hotspots throughout the complex, allowing students and faculty unfettered access to the school network.

St. Johns University – All freshman and transfer students at St. John’s receive a wireless laptop for their entire St. John’s career.

Northwest Missouri State University – Full-time undergraduate (at least 12 hours) and graduate students (at least 9 credit hours receive a “fully loaded laptop” for their use while studying at Northwest.

Stevens-Henager (Independence University) – All students receive a brand new laptop that they keep after graduation. Students enrolled in their graphic design programs will receive an Apple MacBook Pro with additional memory and programs installed. The MacBooks have Adobe’s Creative Suite of Programs installed for the graphic arts and graphic design programs. Students enrolled in Stevens – Henagar’s business programs or other programs that require Windows-based programs will receive an HP 255 laptop. Typically, the MacBooks and PC laptops come with Microsoft Office preinstalled and loaded with maximum memory and large hard drives to accommodate heavy use.

Full Sail University – Full Sail University calls their laptop program “Project Launchbox” and includes a brand new Apple MacBook Pro. Several high-end programs are preinstalled based on the student’s curriculum, including the maximum memory to properly run these programs. According to Full Sail, the programs are identical to those found in the student’s career of choice. Full Sail also maintains the student’s laptops in the event of trouble.

If you are a college student you will understand what a difference a laptop can make in your life. If you can’t afford one you want right now, you will be delighted to know that you can get one for free.

We have all heard of companies giving away things from vouchers to beauty products, but if you have been paying attention you will notice that they have been giving away electronic products like cell phones and televisions. Most people have no idea that they can actually get a whole new laptop for free. This sounds unbelievable simply because of how expensive they are said to be.

The truth is that there are hundreds of companies just waiting to give them away at no cost to you. This is because of the fact that technology in laptops is advancing at such a rate that companies can afford to give away older models as they stock up on the latest. Another reason is that there is such a great demand so they can afford to give away a few. There are enormous benefits to getting one of the free laptops for college.

You don’t have to spend hours working to save for a laptop. With a free laptop, you can save for something else that you really want or need. Further, then this, you can get the laptop model you have always wanted. One of the biggest advantages is that everyone can get one. All you need is Internet access and some time to search for these sites and you can have a free laptop within a few weeks. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you, and you can even get more than one free laptop.

Free laptops for college will change the way you live. You will be able to work from any place, whenever you want to. You no longer have to arrange your schedule around opening times of campus computer centers or local Internet cafes. You will be able to watch movies, play games and browse the Internet. Best of all you will be able to stay connected with friends and family. This is especially important if your campus is far away from home.

With all the benefits that come with free laptops for college, it is easy to see why it is something you should go for. All it takes from your side is a little bit of time and effort, and soon you can be enjoying your very own laptop free of charge.

Free Laptops for Students

If you are a college student you probably lead a very busy life, and it can be annoying to have to schedule the rest of your life around assignments and other work simply because computers aren’t available 24 hours a day. A laptop would be the ideal solution, and you have probably seen many websites advertising laptops for free.

The way companies work to market their products is by advertising it in a way that the customer feels understood. Free laptops for students can be very appealing. They will often mention that you won’t find a better deal anywhere else, but at the end of the day, it won’t do you any good. This is probably what most people have been telling you, and the way most people see it, but the truth is that there are ways you can get a free laptop at no cost to you.

The best place to find free laptops for students is online. Before it used to be free cell phones or televisions, but laptops are becoming the latest trend. There are many websites that are advertising laptops for free. The process you have to follow is really simple. The advertiser pays a certain amount for every user that signs for the product or who becomes a member. What then happens is you have to spend a few dollars to do this, and you will get your free laptop. As such the laptop isn’t completely free but it comes pretty close to being. This may sound like a scam, but the reason these marketers are paid so much by the advertisers is that they think long term. You may refer more people to the site, meaning more business for them.

On the other side of things, there are sites where the advertiser pays, but you never get sent anything. It is up to you to find out which ones are real and which ones are scams. You can do this by doing an online search because if they have scammed people in the past chances are it is posted somewhere on the Internet.

Free laptops for students are out there, and it is just a matter of putting in some time and effort to find the legitimate sites. With a brand new laptop, you will be able to take control of your life again and rearrange your schedule according to your particular needs.

Free Student Laptops

If you are a student you know how hard college can be when it comes to all those seemingly endless research projects. Because of this, free student laptops are something that many students are on the hunt for. The key is to know where to look.

More and more people are using the Internet to buy products and services, and as a result, there is a growing number of online businesses looking to capitalize. As a result, prices are dropping, and many companies are even giving away products for free. In recent years the trend was to give away relatively cheaper items like televisions and cell phones, but these days they are giving away laptops.

It may sound crazy to think that these companies are simply giving away items like that, but it is all part of marketing. By giving away products they can create brand awareness and attract more customers to the site. It works on the premise of word of mouth. If you were to get one of the free student laptops you would probably tell friends and family about its capabilities. They would then be enticed to buy one. In this way, these companies can make their money back.

Another reason companies give away free laptops is to do a bit of market research. They basically give you laptop so they can get feedback. With these companies, you will have to sign up and they will send you a laptop free of charge. All you will have to do is provide feedback, either by filling in a few surveys or by posting something on the site itself. Some sites are so great that all they require is your email address and you will receive a free laptop. The downside with this is that they will often give your address top others, and you will soon find your inbox full of advertisements for various products.

With sites that require you to do something in exchange for a free laptop, make sure that you read the instructions, as well as the terms and conditions. Also, remember to fill your details incorrectly so that somebody else doesn’t end up with your free laptop.

The idea of free student laptops no longer has to be a pipe dream. You can get your very own laptop without any cost to you if you just take the offers that are there for you.